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Lipogems: Using Your Own Powerful Fat for Orthopedic Issues

Ultra minimally invasive procedures are an advanced surgical technique that have been known to have increased benefits in comparison to traditional invasive surgery. Dr. Lloydine Jacobs specializes in ultra minimally invasive procedures here at NexGen Orthopedics. This technique is utilized in various treatment plans from back procedures to neck procedures, knees, shoulders, and much more. Our patients closely work with Dr. Lloydine Jacobs and our holistic practitioners to develop an...

chronic pain

­­How personal training and nutrition-based treatment plans help manage chronic pain

Chronic pain can negatively affect your daily life and be a result of a multitude of factors. Some may be predisposed to chronic conditions, while others may develop pain over time. Chronic pain can stem from repetitive stress injuries, a common condition among athletes. For example, “golfer’s elbow” is a condition where pain develops in the elbow due to its repetitive overuse within the sport. This type of condition is present in various sports and very...