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­­How personal training and nutrition-based treatment plans help manage chronic pain

chronic pain

­­How personal training and nutrition-based treatment plans help manage chronic pain

Chronic pain can negatively affect your daily life and be a result of a multitude of factors. Some may be predisposed to chronic conditions, while others may develop pain over time.

Chronic pain can stem from repetitive stress injuries, a common condition among athletes. For example, “golfer’s elbow” is a condition where pain develops in the elbow due to its repetitive overuse within the sport. This type of condition is present in various sports and very common among said athletes.

Chronic pain may also arise from years of wear and tear on the body, possibly from physically demanding careers. Those in labor-intensive jobs may experience an increase in chronic pain over the years of physically straining their body. Those in less physically demanding careers may also see an increase in chronic pain, depending on their daily positioning.  

Living with chronic pain can be debilitating to your daily life – what can you do to help prevent it from worsening?

A common suggestion to those living with these painful conditions is to receive surgery. Major invasive surgery is an immensely significant medical decision for anyone and can include extended recovery times and higher out of pocket expenses.

So, what are the alternatives?

Dr. Lloydine Jacobs looks to avoid the need for major surgery at all costs for her patients, specializing in preventative care and ultra-minimally invasive treatments at NexGen Orthopedics.

Preventative care can vary by each patient’s health needs. Patients who experience chronic pain may utilize preventive care to decrease the risk of further injury or the need for major surgery. For example, if you are someone who experiences chronic back pain, preventive care may include ultra-minimally invasive spine treatment to avoid major back surgery.

This plan of care can vary from a patient who is experiencing acute shoulder pain and may incorporate more personal training sessions and massage therapy into their treatment plan to alleviate the pain and prevent it from worsening.

Dr. Lloydine Jacobs incorporates various aspects of preventive care into her patients’ treatments plans at NexGen Orthopedics. To focus on two key elements of preventative care provided to all NexGen patients, personal training and nutrition strategies are incorporated into our patients plan of care. 

Personal Training

All patients at NexGen Orthopedics receive complimentary personal training sessions with our skilled trainers. Here, patients will have one on one sessions to properly learn exercise methods and how to implement them into their daily routine. These tools can assist in preventing any further injury and decreasing their chronic pain.

Strength building and proper exercise are key elements to living a healthy lifestyle. Improper exercise techniques can have long lasting effects on the body and even cause major injury in the future, as well as, increase your chronic pain symptoms.

Strength building can help to prevent further injury for those who may be experiencing chronic pain or already have a minor ailment. Building muscle around a compromised joint can assist in minimizing extended pain through taking stress off the joint, therefore, supporting the control of your chronic pain.  

Enhancing your muscle mass will help reduce the pain of various conditions including back pain, neck pain, arthritis, sciatica, knee pain, shoulder pain and more. This is essential to each patients’ plan of care at NexGen Orthopedics to help guide them through recovery.

At NexGen Orthopedics, we consider proper exercise and strength building for our patients an immensely vital part of our treatment plans. Dr. Lloydine Jacobs not only looks to address the immediate pain her patients are feeling but extend the longevity of their treatment success through providing them with the proper physical resources for the months after.


Nutrition plays a large role in Dr. Lloydine Jacobs approach in personalizing treatment plans for her patients at NexGen Orthopedics. Implementing a healthy diet into your daily lifestyle can help manage your chronic pain.

Anti-inflammatory diets have been shown to help treat chronic conditions and chronic pain. Inflammation throughout the body can be a direct response to the presence of toxins. There are certain foods, such as carbohydrates, that promote inflammation and there are certain foods that fight inflammation, such as healthy fruits and vegetables. This includes dark leafy greens, blueberries, green tea and more.

At NexGen Orthopedics, patients will be given the opportunity to work with our well-versed nutritionist. Dr. Lloydine Jacobs will work hand in hand to provide each patient with nutritional resources to better improve their daily diet, even promoting healthy weight loss if necessary.

In addition to incorporating beneficial foods into your diet, losing excess body weight can have a positive impact on your chronic pain. Excess weight can put extra strain on your body, specifically your joints, and can increase your pain levels.

Weight loss is an anti-inflammatory agent in of itself. Dr. Lloydine Jacobs will help guide patients to a healthy plan of weight loss if needed, focusing on beneficial diet changes in addition to the increase of muscle mass through personal training sessions.

Preventive care is executed in various forms at NexGen Orthopedics; however, Dr. Lloydine Jacobs continues to promote personal training sessions and beneficial nutritionist approved guides for each one of her patients. Our aim is to provide access to proactive tools that our patients can utilize in their daily lives and for the years to come in order to avoid any need to major surgery and decrease risk of injury.

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