What to bring to your appointment:

Valid ID


Upon your initial visit with Dr. Lloydine Jacobs please bring a valid ID with you. This may include your drivers license, passport, state ID, etc. 

Insurance Card


Please bring your insurance card for your active accepted plan upon your initial visit with Dr. Lloydine Jacobs. 

MRI/X-ray Reports


Have any past MRI or X-ray reports that would help Dr. Lloydine Jacobs access your treatment plan moving forward? Don't forget to bring these to your appointment. 

New Patient Registration FOrms

Save time at your appointment: fill out the required paperwork prior to your initial visit! 

Download the following Registration Forms, complete in its entirety, bring with you to your appointment - it's that simple! 

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the paperwork, reach out to the office or ask upon arrival!

*All signatures must be hand signed - no e-signatures will be accepted* 

*Paperwork will be provided for completion in office as well, should you prefer*