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Regenerative Medicine

About Regenerative Medicine

What is Regenerative Medicine:

Regenerative medicine is the process of creating functional cells to repair or replace lost and damaged tissue. Through stimulating the body’s own repair mechanisms to heal damaged tissue, regenerative medicine has been a ground breaking area of expertise. Dr. Lloydine Jacobs is a pioneer in regenerative medicine through the use of Lipogems Technology and Stem Cell Therapy.

What is Stem Cell therapy:

This powerful regenerative therapy uses the vital building blocks of your body harvested from your own tissue to trigger the healing process in your pain site. Stem cells are in your tissue, blood, and bone marrow.

After harvesting your stem cells and preparing them for injection, Dr. Lloydine Jacobs delivers the sample directly to the source of your pain. These cells prompt your body to begin growing new tissue, including cartilage, in the area with the damage or disease that’s causing your discomfort.

Dr. Lloydine Jacobs often recommends stem cell therapy to treat conditions that include arthritis, disc degeneration, and strains.

What can Regenerative Medicine treat:

  • Joint Pain– can be discomfort or inflammation from any part of a joint including muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, or cartilage.
  • Shoulder Pain– may arise from the joint itself or from any of the surrounding muscles, tendons, or ligaments. Pain can worsen with repetitive activity or movement of your arm or shoulder.
  • Knee Pain– may result in swelling, weakness, redness, popping, or restricted movement in the knee. Can be a result of an injury, arthritis, gout, infections, natural aging, etc.
  • Back Pain – involves your discs, vertebrae, spinal cord, tendons and can affect the muscles. Pain can stem from sciatica, pinched nerves, sports injuries, arthritis, overuse, improper lifting, etc.
  • Neck Pain – strain and discomfort that can result from muscle strain, tension, poor posture, sudden movements, and more.

What advantages does Regenerative Medicine provide?

In comparison to traditional treatment, regenerative medicine provides various advantages for patients through the use of natural resources in the body to heal. Regenerative medicine reduces the risk of reactions and infections and prompts a quicker recovery time than traditional invasive surgery.

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