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2018 and 2019 Top Doctor in New Jersey Award - The International Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons

Lloydine Jacobs, MD

Next Gen Orthopedics

Dr. Lloydine Jacobs started Next Gen Orthopedics to provide high quality preventative treatment to her patients, specializing in an ultra minimally invasive approach. As a leading physician in her field, Dr. Lloydine Jacobs has successfully established productive treatment plans and life changing results for her patients. 

Dr. Lloydine Jacobs has academically excelled since her youth, graduating high school at only 15 years old and graduating medical school at 22 years old. She has continued to be ahead of the curve as a world renowned surgeon specializing in minimally invasive treatments while utilizing cutting edge technology. 

Her passion for providing her patients with a better quality of life is showcased through her attentive care and thorough treatment plans. Her main priority is reaching the best outcome for her patients.  

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Our mission is to provide patients access to affordable premier minimally invasive treatment to improve your quality of life. Next Gen Orthopedics provides preventive care to avoid major injury or surgery for our patients. Specializing in orthopedic, spine, and joint care, Dr. Lloydine Jacobs ensures patient satisfaction through thorough care and a cooperative team effort between physician and patient.  



Minimally invasive treatment has been proven to provide various benefits over traditional surgery including: 

Quicker Recovery 

Minimal stitches, if any! 

Fewer Scars

Less Pain

Same-day procedures 



Our main focus is you. Each patient receives a thorough evaluation and detailed explanation of their plan of care. It is important to us that you have a full understanding of your treatment and feel heard by your doctor through each step.  Dr. Lloydine Jacobs succeeds in keeping patient care minimally invasive but extremely effective to get you back to what you love in life. 

avoid major surgery and find the right minimally invasive treatment with next gen orthopedics!


Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative Medicine with Next Gen Orthopedics Dr. Lloydine Jacobs

Regenerative medicine is an advancing  area that focuses on the process of replacing, and regenerating human cells or tissues to restore normal function. Next Gen Orthopedics utilizes the advanced Lipogems technology to harvest your own belly fat to naturally heal damaged tissue. 

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Health & Wellness

Health and Wellness with Next Gen Orthopedics Dr. Lloydine Jacobs

The key to an optimal recovery is utilizing resources to benefit both your physical and mental health. At Next Gen Orthopedics complimentary IV vitamin infusions, massages, and personal trainer sessions are provided to ensure patient success in their post-treatment recovery. 

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Arthritis with Next Gen Orthopedics Dr. Lloydine Jacobs

More than half of Americans with arthritis are under 65 years old, but that doesn’t mean you have to live in pain for the rest of your life. Next Gen Orthopedics, understands the complexity of arthritis pain and provides the most advanced, minimally invasive solutions available to reduce your pain and restore your mobility. 

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Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain with Next Gen Orthopedics Dr. Lloydine Jacobs

At least 31 million American men and women experience lower back pain at any moment. Dr. Jacobs  has advanced orthopedic training to effectively diagnose and treat all forms of back, neck, and joint pain to help you find relief. 

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Sciatica with Next Gen Orthopedics Dr. Lloydine Jacobs

At least 40% of Americans will suffer from sciatica at some point during their lives, but you can find the best treatment at Next Gen Orthopedics.  

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Neck Pain

Neck Pain with Next Gen Orthopedics Dr. Lloydine Jacobs

If you’ve been struggling with neck pain that hasn’t responded to treatment, Next Gen Orthopedics can offer various minimally invasive treatments for your pain. 

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Are you worried about taking time away from your job or family?

Avoid major surgery with Lipogems, a natural option to major invasive surgery.

Dr. Lloydine Jacobs is a leading surgeon in utilizing Lipogems technology to heal patients the natural way. 

A groundbreaking regenerative technology, ask Next Gen Orthopedics about LIPOGEMS.

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Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine with Next Gen Orthopedics Dr. Lloydine Jacobs

If you’ve been sidelined by an injury, you probably want to get back on the field or court as soon as possible.  Next Gen Orthopedics offers surgical and non-surgical sports medicine treatment to help fully restore muscle and joint function. 

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Spine Surgery

Spine Surgery with Next Gen Orthopedics Dr. Lloydine Jacobs

80% of the population will experience back pain at some time in their lives. If you’re living with back pain, minimally invasive spinal surgery  with Next Gen Orthopedics can offer relief and have you back on your feet in no time. 

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Pinched Nerve

Pinched Nerve with Next Gen Orthopedics Dr. Lloydine Jacobs

A pinched nerve is very common, especially with those who have sciatica, which affects up to 40% of men and women during their lives. But Lloydine J. Jacobs, MD, at Next Gen Orthopedics can provide relief. Dr. Jacobs founded her practice to bring the most cutting-edge orthopedic solutions to men and women suffering from back, neck, and nerve pain. 

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Herniated Disc

Herniated Disc with Next Gen Orthopedics Dr. Lloydine Jacobs

Not all herniated discs cause pain and discomfort, but when they do, the pain can be intense. Next Gen Orthopedics offers the most innovative, minimally invasive techniques available for chronic pain conditions like herniated discs. 

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Tendon Pain

Tendinitis at Next Gen Orthopedics with Dr. Lloydine Jacobs.

Tendinitis causes more than 70,000 people to miss work per year.  If you are suffering from chronic tendon pain, Dr. Lloydine Jacobs offers preventative solutions and minimally invasive treatments to eliminate your pain. 

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TenJet Technology for tendon pain

 TenJet is a device designed to target and treat the source of your chronic tendon pain. The needle-like device utilizes a controlled, high pressure stream of sterile saline to act as a  cutting blade and selectively remove diseased tendon while sparing healthy tissue. The device can be used in minimally invasive procedures, performed under a local anesthetic, in approximately fifteen-minutes, to treat the source of your chronic tendon pain. 

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