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95% Success Rate

Zero Downtime

Ultra-Minimally Invasive

Circulation Treatment

If you’re suffering from circulation issues, NexGen has the compassionate expertise and innovative techniques that provide pain relief, boost your self-confidence, and restore healthy circulation. If you’re feeling heaviness in your legs or leg fatigue you may have circulation issues in your lower extremities. Improving your circulation will not only address how you feel, but can help medications circulate more effectively and decrease strain on your heart.

Ultra-minimally invasive. Extremely effective.

NexGen specializes in an ultra-minimally invasive procedure called venous ablation. Innovative radiofrequency technology is used to treat the vein causing your issues. The procedure normally takes 10 minutes and there’s no downtime.

The Benefits of Expertise

Take the strain off your heart by improving circulation. Increased stamina, less pain and decreased swelling are just a few of the many benefits of circulation enhancement.

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  • Highly effective

    Venous ablation has a success rate above 95% and prevents your vein problems from becoming a recurring issue.

  • No downtime

    Treatment normally takes around 10 minutes, and you can resume daily activities immediately.

  • Healthier circulation

    After treatment, blood flows freely into healthier veins, restoring effective blood circulation to the heart. You’ll see better results from your medications and take strain off of your heart.

Experience You Can Trust

You deserve personalized attention. That’s why our innovative treatments are designed to help you heal quickly, so you can return to your busy life faster, with a renewed sense of you.

One-on-One Consultation

We’ll explain every step of the procedure and work with you to build your personalized treatment plan.

During Treatment

A pain-free procedure means peace of mind. With ultra-minimally invasive techniques, we’ll treat the problem vein.

Post-Treatment Recovery

You can return to normal activity right away.

Treating The Whole You

NexGen’s wellness experts specialize in treating a range of vein and circulation conditions. You can trust our compassionate approach and innovative techniques to help you heal.

What To Expect

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  • 1

    Before your appointment

    To help you fully understand your treatment, you’ll receive a thorough evaluation and detailed explanation of your plan of care.

  • 2

    During your treatment

    You’ll have a compassionate team of experts with you every step of the way, dedicated to improving your quality of life.

  • 3

    Through your recovery

    Our philosophy of 100% patient-centered care doesn’t stop until you’re back to living your best life.

“Without them I wouldn’t be able to do what I do!”

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“Without them I wouldn’t be able to do what I do!”

Joey M./ Firefighter, Former Active Duty

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