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Traditional Chinese medicine explains acupuncture as a technique for balancing the life force known as chi believed to flow through pathways in your body. We believe in the power of acupuncture to treat pain and enhance your overall wellness.

Specializing in Pain Relief

Our holistic approach to healing through acupuncture focuses on stimulating the nerves, improving function, and boosting your body’s natural painkillers. Through innovative techniques, we address discomfort resulting from headaches, low back pain, neck pain and other injuries.

The Benefits of Expertise

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  • Reduced pain

    Acupuncture provides a sense of calm and reduces pain in treated areas.

  • Improved mobility

    Pressure points are stimulated to relax muscles, improving mobility.

  • Enhanced function

    Acupuncture stimulates natural healing to enhance function.

Experience You Can Trust

You deserve personalized attention. That’s why our innovative treatments are designed to help your specific injury or condition heal quickly, so you can return to full speed, faster.

One-on-One Treatment

We work with you to help you heal, and we explain every step along the way.

Pain Relief

A compassionate approach and innovative techniques provide pain relief and peace of mind.

After-Treatment Therapy

Our treatment doesn’t stop until you regain the full function and mobility you deserve.

Treating The Whole You

Tell us where it hurts and we’ll work to provide the relief you deserve. You can trust our compassionate approach and innovative techniques to help you feel like you again.

What To Expect

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  • 1

    Before your appointment

    To help you fully understand your treatment, you’ll receive a thorough evaluation and detailed explanation of your plan of care.

  • 2

    During your treatment

    You’ll have a compassionate team of experts with you every step of the way, dedicated to improving your quality of life.

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    Through your recovery

    Our philosophy of 100% patient-centered care doesn’t stop until you’re back to living your best life.

“Without them I wouldn’t be able to do what I do!”

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“Without them I wouldn’t be able to do what I do!”

Joey M./ Firefighter, Former Active Duty

Your Path to Wellness Starts Here!

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  • Personalized Care
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Compassionate Expertise

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