Our Medical Director: Awarded & Recognized

Our Medical Director: Awarded & Recognized

Lloydine Jacobs, MD

“Set Career in Motion from an Early Age

There are overachievers and then there is Lloydine Jacobs. Graduating high school at 15 and finishing medical school at 22 sounds like television character Doogie Howser comes to life but these are facts with Jacobs.

“My parents have always been a driving force in my education and motivation to succeed,” said Jacobs, an orthopedic surgeon in New Jersey.

“They have continuously pushed me to excel beyond my expectations which has always instilled my drive to succeed and be ahead of the curve.”

Jacobs grew up in the Bronx. Her father, Lloydstone Jacobs Sr, was Antigua and Barbuda’s first Minister of Education and went on to become their first ambassador to the United Nations. Jacobs attended Hostos-Lincoln Academy of Science in the Bronx. She then went to the Sophie Davis School for Biomedical Education and enrolled in the seven-year BS/MD program.

Jacobs was inspired to become a surgeon at a young age when she witnessed doctors save her older brother, who was shot in the head by a gang member’s stray bullet. Doctors initially thought he would not survive, but a procedure that allowed his brain more room to swell ultimately saved his life. He went on to become a doctor, including a stint as Chief Medical Officer of a large prison system in Georgia.

“Even at my young age of 5 years old, I knew that I wanted to become a surgeon after this experience,” Jacobs said. “I wanted to save lives in the same way the medical team that saved my brother’s life was able to do.”

Jacobs has overcome barriers of her own, including being advised against choosing orthopedics simply because of her gender and race. But if you haven’t noticed yet, nothing is going to stop this rising star in medicine.

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